journal of contemporary art and culture 

November 26 2004 

Ref : A Tale

Dear Olga Ast,

I am pleased to inform you that your film, ‘A Tale’ has been accepted for the t(here) film series. The series will be presented as part of the Singular Identities (formerly titled Fusion/Diffusion) show at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi this December and later at aquaspace for the launch of ‘Lost in Translation’ issue of Drain - journal of contemporary art and culture.

You will be notified of any publication, reviews etc that relate to the series.

We thank you for submitting this stimulating piece and look forward to future collaborations with aquaspace and Drain.

Yours sincerely,

Avantika Bawa

Director aquaspace

A laboratory for new and multi media art

15 West Jones Lane, Apt G

Savannah, GA, 31401



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